Over the 4 years that I have been working with Gary, I have experienced radical shifts in my mental wellbeing. The length of time I’ve worked with him is testament to his skill as a practitioner –o67a9958
prior to this I would often break off therapy after a few months due to despondency at the lack of progress i was making. In our journey together, Gary has been a true rock of support. As a highly
defended, depressed and anxious person, I was wary of trusting anyone, but experiencing Gary’s unwavering support through many of my major life changes – becoming a mother, losing my eyesight, and now training as a therapist myself – I can now say that i have learned to start trusting and appreciate the power of honest relationships. I find Gary’s integrated approach deeply satisfying and am in huge admiration of his warmth and seemingly endless well of patience. Our relationship has enabled me to develop a great deal of self-awareness and to connect with a newfound inner peace and spirituality. I cannot adequately express in words the gratitude I feel for what he has helped me to achieve.