teensI have known and worked with Gary Baron for many years and there is not a more talented youth worker in the world. Beyond being a youth worker, Gary is a positive, visionary and delightful person to work with with an abundance of talents and gifts. His work is of a high-caliber and his commitment to making the world a better place is without question, his greatest motivation in life. I wholeheartedly can recommend Gary and the contribution he makes to the wellbeing of others!

Diana Whitmore
Founding Director / Teens and Toddlers UK


I have known Gary Baron for eight years as a colleague and friend. He is a lifebeat-logo-final deeply compassionate and soulful man who is gifted with beautiful wisdom and insights, which he shares generously with those he meets. He has an unusual faith in the human potential combined with a non-judgmental attitude to our human vulnerabilities… He cares deeply about making a difference and will always endeavour to be there for others to support them in their transformation and healing… He is a great witness to the stories of the heart and a companion to many along their life journeys.  

Lucy Sicks
CEO/Founder / LIFEbeat


My two year old cat Oscar had a rapidly growing swelling in his abdomen.  When I took him to the vet, they recommended that I transfer him immediately to their animal hospital.  Oscar’s condition was getting worse. They ran some tests, and he had lymphoma, a cancer that spreads through the lymphatic system. It wasn’t looking good. He’d been in hospital on intensive care for a week. I knew I had to do something more for Oscar, and I had a very strong intuition that Reiki would be the right thing to do. So through a friend, I contacted Gary. Gary was kind enough to help me by talking me through the process of how to perform Reiki healing on Oscar, as I was due to visit the hospital later that day. Gary also performed remote healing at the same time as I was with Oscar. We repeated this again during the next 24 hours.  I got a call from the hospital the next morning. Oscar’s condition had turned around, and he was actually getting better! Of course, yes, he still has lymphoma, but he was grooming himself, and on the path to recovery. He came home a couple of days later. That was three months ago. Oscar still has regular chemo and I’m still applying what I’m learning about Reiki to help. The bottom line is that he’s still here, and we are all thankful for that. Gary’s help and support at a time of crisis was invaluable. Looking at the course of events, I feel that Reiki was an effective complementary treatment that helped us when we needed it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, my sympathies – I recommend that you talk to Gary and give Reiki a try.  

Steve C. (PhD)
Hackney / London


Over the 4 years that I have been working with Gary, I have experienced radical shifts in my mental wellbeing. The length of time I've worked with him is testament to his skill as a practitioner -o67a9958 prior to this I would often break off therapy after a few months due to despondency at the lack of progress i was making. In our journey together, Gary has been a true rock of support. As a highly defended, depressed and anxious person, I was wary of trusting anyone, but experiencing Gary's unwavering support through many of my major life changes - becoming a mother, losing my eyesight, and now training as a therapist myself - I can now say that i have learned to start trusting and appreciate the power of honest relationships. I find Gary's integrated approach deeply satisfying and am in huge admiration of his warmth and seemingly endless well of patience. Our relationship has enabled me to develop a great deal of self-awareness and to connect with a newfound inner peace and spirituality. I cannot adequately express in words the gratitude I feel for what he has helped me to achieve.  



Gary has been a great help to me in developing as both a mother and a lily-lapennaprofessional. He has a sublime sensitivity and a unique ability to listen. He has helped me gain confidence in my home as a new mother and in my longstanding role as CEO of the charity MyBnk.    

Lily Lapenna
Founder and Co-Chair MyBnk/Industry Advisor, University of Oxford / MyBnk


Gary's gift is powerful, although, if I'm honest, I can't intellectually explainjoe-croped-compressor how or why the process works, except that he was able to connect to and provide insight to a deeper spiritual part of myself. I wish I'd had more sessions with him.



I worked with Gary for over two years. A family event had thrown me in despair and confusion about my personal life, so I realized I needed professional help to emerge again. Through the many sessions we did, and the different approaches that Gary used in therapy, I was at the end able to see my past and future life with more clarity and hope. Drawing helped me to bring up my inner side, and writing about my thoughts and feelings helped me to see how my mind works. I have learnt that, by recognising the roles that my mind takes, I am more in control of myself and in power of making changes. The practice of EFT, a powerful soothing technique, made me again to step back from my emotions and to observe them rather than fully live in them. Gary always had a high level of respect and consideration for the person I am. He was truly able to listen and empathize with me without judging. Even when I was tired from work or annoyed for any reason, he would welcome me smiling and with a profound look in his eyes that made me feeling connected and at home. Thanks Gary!



Attending therapy was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in eilyn-1my life. I know It will not have turned out as good as it was if I wasn't working with Gary, who helped me to trust and to discover how wonderful this weird world can be. Now, five years down the line, I am so glad that I actually did it. Because with Gary I got my confidence back and, slowly, I was able to put my life back on track.  For that I will always be grateful. Thank you!


Anja Bjorlo

"The sessions with Gary was incredible. I was going through a period of immense pressure and stress in my life and after each session I felt very relaxed and peaceful. The healing gave me strength to see me through a challenging period and also gave me insight into what I had to do to make necessary changes in my life. I can highly recommend a course of sessions both for emotional and physical healing"


In my healing session with Gary I was touched by his intuition regarding my physical and emotional states as well as events in my daily life.

Patricia Prosper

"I had a painful ankle and after a few healing sessions with Gary the pain had gone. The sessions left me feeling less tense and more balanced.  I would say  Gary allows himself to be guided in his work and something magical happens!"    


“When I went to see Gary i had a lot of tension, both physical and psychological. By using a mixture of techniques, such as sound, Reiki and meditation, I relaxed and developed a feeling of extreme well-being.  I can only recommend Gary for treatments. I will go back to him and have recommended him to several of my friends.”


"Gary Baron helped me push through a very fragile difficult period of my life. He used a mix of traditional psychological techniques mixed with more spiritual healing. His energy helped me evolve my stagnant thoughts and arrive at a place where I can see perspective and breathe. He helped me understand my past and how it has played a part in my present. He is calming and generous. Understanding and professional. Above all he is the person you go to when you feel "regular therapy" is not getting you anywhere. He challenges your programming but yet is empathetic with your path. He is a gift to the troubled mind.""  

Dr. S. Garfield

I just wanted to say again how grateful I am for your care, strength and expertise (I could make that list waaaaay longer) for your willingness and ability to help me on this bloody path I have chosen. 
I can't know what it costs you to be there for me so cleanly, with such tremendous tenderness. 
I can therefore humbly never appreciate you enough. 
I can do my best though! : ) 
Working with you is life changing.
I honour the brilliance you are, and the brilliance you shine through.
I honour all the journey you have slogged to have the capacity and expertise you have and bring, over and over, only some of which I can comprehend. 
A heartfelt, humble, can't-put-into-words thank you.