Who are we?

The Youth Community & Development Consultancy (YCDC) is a holistic therapeutic consultancy that supports the emotional, psychological and soulful wellbeing of children, teenagers and adults in the community. YCDC offers a wide range of therapeutic services that are tailored to meet your needs.

YCDC aims to support you on a holistic self-discovery journey of healing and to reconnect you to your meaning and purpose in life, by providing the necessary space with psychological and emotional tools to support you to be the most authentic person you can be.  YCDC also works with other professionals to promote the wellbeing of young children, adolescents and adults in the community.

The founder and director of YCDC, Gary creates a safe and secure space to support you in finding your voice and passion in life, empowering you to pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations by working through the challenges in front of you, thus supporting you to take the first small steps to transform your life.

Gary’s professional journey has taken him from an early career as a chef to his current work as a counsellor and psychotherapist.  On the way, he’s held a wide range of professional roles, including, youth and education officer, lead facilitator and healer. Meeting and working with adults, youth and children from all walks of life, taught Gary that people’s individual stories often shared a common theme, that of lacking meaning and purpose in their lives.

In his therapeutic work, Gary recognises that for a person to heal, external environmental factors have to be central to any therapeutic intervention, life coaching and mentoring. To this end, Gary believes it can sometimes be appropriate and necessary to include only trusted family members, friends, and teachers, to support the individual client during the therapeutic process.