Mission Statement

YCDC’s mission is to provide children, adolescents and teaching/care staff in local communities the necessary life skills and tools to make positive informed choices that support their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their peers, families, friends and people in their local communities.

YCDC aims to provide children, adolescents, parents and teacher staff  with the life skills and tools necessary to process and heal trauma. Left unprocessed, intergenerational traumas risks negatively influencing people’s lives, often leading to self-harm, abuse of others, and even criminal activity.

YCDC’s objective is to implement and empower participants by allowing them to find and connect to their meaning and purpose in life, through experiential learning supported by transpersonal and positive psychology.

As an outcome of YCDC’s work, people who have participated in YCDC’s journey of self-discovery will continue to make a positive contribution to society by transforming their blocks to learning and becoming the best versions of their selves.